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Historic McPherson Mansion

As of February, 2009, Myers & Myers, PLLC moved their law offices to the McPherson Mansion building located at 915 North Michigan Avenue in Howell, the county seat of Livingston County, Michigan. A 7,000 square foot colonial home, the McPherson Mansion was built in 1915 by Robert Bruce McPherson, also known as R.B McPherson. The McPherson family was among the original settlers of the City of Howell in the mid-1800s. The grandson of the original McPherson family members who settled in Howell, R.B. McPherson was instrumental in the establishment and/or growth of many of the McPherson family’s diverse business holdings, including the McPherson State Bank and McPherson Oil Company, which still exists today. As the home of one of the most prominent families in the community during the first half of the Twentieth Century, the McPherson Mansion possesses a rich history and significant recognition within the community. That rich history includes a social event attended by former United States President William Howard Taft, who stayed overnight at the mansion as a guest of the McPhersons.

In the summer of 2007, Kelly and Roger Myers purchased the McPherson Mansion with the intent to restore the magnificent structure, build an addition of equal size and identical architecture, and then convert the entire building from residential to professional office use. The transformation of the McPherson Mansion to a professional office building was completed in February, 2009. To view the McPherson Mansion, please go to

For information regarding the leasing of available professional office space in the McPherson Mansion, please visit our website at or call  us at 517-540-1700.